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The BEST Bib ever!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Are you searching for the #bestbib for mealtimes for your child? Then your search ends here. Yes, that's right, I'm talking about the #Calmbee Smock Bib. It is a one of a kind bib, designed by me, a mum of two.

I'm one of those mums that cannot handle mess at mealtimes. There were too many times when my son has regurgitated his lunch or dinner on the very last spoonful just before we were about to head out the door or at the restaurant. Mealtimes became so stressful for me that I decided to do something about it. Not being able to find anything on the market that could catch everything that fell onto the lap I decided to make it myself.

This smock bib has been tried and tested on my little guinea pigs. It works, it really does. It's a staple in my house.

What makes this bib so special and so great?

1. It closes the gap between the child and the highchair or table.

Designed to be stuck to the highchair to close the gap between your baby and the highchair.
Calmbee No Gap Smock Bib attached to a highchair

The design was based off the kayak splash guard. Sealing off the"cockpit" to ensure no food or liquids touch baby's clothes. Thereby completely protecting their clothes under it.

Stick it to any surface to create the no gap effect, such as a table edge as shown.
Calmbee Smock Bib attached to the side of the table

We've taken it one step further to make sure it can be used even without a highchair. As shown above, while sitting at the table in a chair.

2. Its #waterproof! Yes, the fabric is completely waterproof so don't worry if they accidentally (or purposely) spill their drink, soup or pureed apple.

3. The fabric is soft and breathable unlike common plastic bibs. That's right, it is waterproof and yet its breathable. That's the magic of PUL fabric. A common fabric used to make cloth diapers. #socomfortable

4. Safe from nasty chemicals such a Phthalates, BPA, PVC, Lead and AZO dyes. As a mum of two, I am also very conscious about using cheap and health harming products. I have ensured that all the materials used are tested to make sure it is free from all the bad stuff. #safetouse

5. The adhesive hook strips (also more well known as Velcro) are REMOVABLE and REUSABLE. This, to me, is the heart and soul of the smock bib. Best part is it DOESN'T leave any marks or sticky residue on the surface.

You can stick the hook strips on pretty much any firm/hard surface, such as glass, wood, metal or plastic (of the shiny and matte kind). Even a wall! (if you really wanted to for some reason).

Because it can be peeled off again and again, you can take it with you anywhere!

6. It is machine washable. Just pop it in a laundry bag before mixing it in with the rest of the load, this makes sure the hook and loops don't get caught on other clothing while it's being washed. It will also extend the life of the bib. As there is a PU lining on the underside, please keep it away from high heat and open fires. So no ironing. Please do not bleach, dry clean or tumble dry on high heat. #soeasytoclean

7. It is light and can be easily rolled up for compact storage. Use the elastic tidy loop on the hem to keep it in a nice tidy roll. We all know how big and heavy a nappy bag can get, baby wipes, nappies and spares clothes being the main culprits. This bib won't take up much space or add extra weight. #travelfriendly

Pre-sewn to the hem of the smock bib
Elastic Tidy Loop

Rolled up for compact storage.

8. Versatile and multi-functional. Due its super long length, you can use it as an art smock or cooking apron. #somanyuses

Painting in the backyard

We let our kids eat and drink in the car. Sometimes for long road trips we may give them a treat such as ice cream or flavoured drinks. Is your life flashing before your eyes at the thought of the potential mess? Well, all it takes is a few seconds to put on the Calmbee smock bib and to save minutes or maybe hours in clean up time afterwards.

Seriously, this smock bib will help you:

  • save time : let the smock bib take the hit of the mess and not their clothes, so it means you get out the door faster. Or just simply spending more time enjoying life and not cleaning and outfit changes!

  • avoid outfit changes - reduce the amount of laundry and preserve clothes in mint condition (especially expensive ones)

  • save cost: the more clothes you save from stains the more you can resell or hand down to others

  • allow independence - let your child explore the different textures of food and spark their interest in self-feeding. Mum or dad can enjoy their meal without the stress of having to wipe and mop and change.

Unless you try this product you won't completely understand how much this smock bib is a life saver. When this smock bib is on my kid I am carefree and chilled. #winner

Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.


Mum and creator.

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