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Need For Speed 2011: The Run. Limited Edition [MULTi8] [Origin-R Fitgirl Repack 2022 [New]




. It’s optional. Add-Ons: This mod comes with a lot of add-ons. The mod author could not include all the add-ons which are made by third party. Please do not report bugs about them. They might not be compatible with this add-on. However, you are welcome to request me to put it in the file. If you request me to include them, I will do it after the release of this mod. Known issues: • Audio Menu Bug (Only the first voice is lost when you open the audio menu) • Microsoft Store Error (“error 10204”) • Game Version Bug (This add-on requires Game Version v1.0.4.25) • Compatibility with Spyro: Before version v1.1.0, Spyro is a little hard to control. It’s affected by this mod. So, it’s recommended to update your Spyro Game Version from v1.0.3.0 to v1.0.4.25. After updating your Spyro Game Version, please re-install this mod. Changelog: Added the Archdragon King! (He’s the boss of Archdjinni) Added the Master of the Hat-Fires. Added Zax, the “Sultan of Slobs”. (He makes slime to attack you with) New Attack & Spam: “The Confusion”, “Sugar Rush”, “Earth Stomp”, “Goblin Dust”, “Archspire”. These are added to the existing “Worm Turn”. The new attack effects are different from the existing “Worm Turn”. New Attack: “Whirlwind Attack”. It’s an attack which hurts you by putting spore in your way. New SPAM: “Cabasa & Destroy”. Cabasa repeats the word “Destroy”, so you can’t attack him. Then, he’ll destroy everything in your way. New SPAM: “Heart Slaver”. This SPAM will give you “Heart Pill”, which enhances your health. New SPAM: “Heart Pimper”.




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Need For Speed 2011: The Run. Limited Edition [MULTi8] [Origin-R Fitgirl Repack 2022 [New]

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