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The Calmbee was initially made for my son, a terribly messy eater and an incredibly difficult customer to please! There would be food on his chin, his chest, his lap, in between and underneath his thighs and on the cuff of his sleeves. Everywhere but in his mouth. It was a glorious mess!


We used bibs with a little catchment tray and smocks at meal times, yet neither of them provided enough coverage and protection. His clothes were still getting wet and stained. We were always changing his clothes after he had eaten, it was a huge pain. Not to mention there was cleaning of the highchair too!


If only the ‘gap’ between my son and the chair was covered up it would prevent food from getting on his lap. So I recalled on a fond memory of when I used to go kayaking on the Murray River during school camping trips. We wore a spray skirt to protect our bottom half from water splashes and getting waterlogged. This was the perfect solution I needed! My mother helped me draw up a pattern and sew the very first Calmbee Smock/Apron/Bib.


We road tested the bib on my son and it was a HUGE victory for all of us. My daughter has been a loyal Calmbee user since she was 5 months old. I hope this creation will make meal-times less stressful and less busy for carers while still keeping it fun for little ones. Just as it has been for us.



Mum of two, Founder and Designer of Calmbee 

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